Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you need to have a partner to attend classes?
A) It’s fun to workout with a friend however if you don’t have a partner that’s fine we can always match you up with another person in class or with one of our friendly trainers.

Q) What do I need to bring to attend classes? 
A) We require everyone attending classes to have their own boxing gear I.e. boxing gloves and hand wraps you can purchase or hire these items from us.  Also for hygiene and consideration for other members we ask that you bring a towel to wipe yourself down during workouts and to use when doing floor work on the mats.  Comfortable workout gear and shoes are recommended as well as drink bottles we provide a filtered water cooler.

Q) What is recommended to get the best results with classes?
A) It’s a good idea to have a small snack before attending classes usually an hour before hand banana, sandwich, protein drink etc, if you can arrive 5 min before class so that you can organise yourself with gear and to pay for class.  If you have any questions regarding any techniques used in class please feel free to approach the trainer after the session to clarify any questions you might have or maybe to book in a one on one session to enhance your technique.

Q) If your new to Boxfit Gym where is a good place to start?
A) We would recommend starting with our Beginners introduction where you will receive expert technique with one of our qualified trainers once you have completed the three personal training sessions you will be confident and ready to start the fitness classes.

Q) What is involved in a Boxfit class?
A) Our Boxfit class is 45min in duration, you will do a mixture of focus pad partner work as well as drills on the bags.  This class also includes core work and an element of fitness and conditioning work.  We recommend that you have attended our beginners class so that you have a good understanding of boxing combinations as this is an advanced class.  This class is for medium to advanced fitness levels.  Challenge the mind and body for a great total body workout.

Q) What other services are available at Boxfit Gym ?
A) At Boxfit Gym we offer a variety of fitness classes to suit all fitness levels from beginners to advanced. Looking to fast track your results then a personal training session with one of our qualified trainers is recommended as well as advice for training and nutrition.

Q) What is the difference and benefits between classes and personal training?
A) Classes involves group fitness working out with like minded people and a motivated trainer, feed off the energy from a group environment where everyone encourages each other, personal training is one on one training where we individualise training to suit your  fitness requirements.